About Industrial Iris Studio

Industrial Iris Studio is the fusion of two fine-art photographers images into an expansive library of fine art and creative imagery. The creative team of Gary Jones and Christine Miller create both large and medium sized images for commercial, health care, hospitality and other spaces to help business owners create an ambiance through imagery for their spaces.

It all started when we first started going out on weekend photo trips together and grew into a company filled with creative images of all kinds.

Take a look at our Fine Art galleries and find the images that will give your spaces the ambiance you want to portray in your business.


Gary Jones

Gary is an architectural and fine art photographer who creates large and super-large prints creating realistic vistas which can be seen in homes, lobbies and business spaces all across the United States.


Christine Miller

Christine is a creative photographer with an eye for the details that surround us and whose work has been purchased by individuals, hospitals and businesses in creating a unique ambiance for each across the United States.